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-Monograph: Paul Chilkov and his works, Portfolio Magazine

   (Japan) April- May 1986.


-Renaissance for a Heavyweight, Los Angeles Times

    Magazine, October 26, 1986.


-Top Drawer Magazine Main January- February 1987.


-Elements of an Exhibit: Earth, Water and Fire, New York

    Times November 3, 1988.


-Grand Cabin in the Canyon, Angeles Magazine December 1988.


-Sculpture featured in Japan Dry Chemical Co. brochure.


-New York Times Magazine- Home Design April 9, 1989


-Taxi Magazine October 1989 (pages 10, 107, 110)


-Playing it Cool Angeles Magazine May 1990 (pages 70-73)


-Gwen & Paul Chilkov Plus 1 Magazine (Japan) no. 21 1991

    pages 51-52)


-Gourmet Magazine July 1992


-The Home Office Book by Donna Paul (pages 39 & 42)


-House and Garden (British edition) March 1997 (page 129)


-Santa Barbara Magazine Fall 1999 (cover)


-Rockenwagner by Hans Rockenwagner & Brigit Legere

Binns 1999


Clodagh- Total Design 2002


-Valley of the Sculptures Los Angeles Daily News August 20th 2005


-Venice CA Art + Architecture in a Maverick Community, Webb /

    Nogai, 2007 (page 185).


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